Monday, October 20, 2008

Upcoming Courses for Spring 2009

English 394: Fiction Writing

Pre-reqs: English 101 and 102
Note 1: students need not take a 200-level survey prior to this class.
Note 2: This class will NOT fulfill the Gen-Ed requirement for a 200-level English survey.

Description: Students will write stories and story fragments, which we will discuss in whole-class workshops. Students will gain deeper understanding of the craft of writing fiction through practice and critique. All genres of fiction welcome. (Riotous mayhem and laughter often ensue, but I find this aids rather than hampers learning.)

Who would benefit?
Creative Writing minors (this needs no elaboration, right?)
English and Secondary Education English majors gain an in-depth understanding of story-construction from a writer’s perspective as well as learning creative methods they can employ in teaching
Art majors tend to flourish in creative writing classes, which tap into another aspect of their creativity and offer multi-media opportunities (graphic novel, etc)
Graphics Design majors, especially those interested in video game development, gain a better knowledge of crafting the stories that add interest and relevance to video games and other narrative-driven formats
Mass Communications majors, by hearing the effect of their writing on an actual audience, better understand the power of their words to move their readers. Those interested in film and in writing narrative-based stories for newspapers and magazines learn elements of craft that translate well into their field
Business and Advertising majors learn how to hook an audience and keep them hooked as well as how to make points concisely and effectively. (Poet and Novelist James Dickey worked in advertising. Need I say more?)
Theatre Arts majors understand narrative craft techniques and reflect on which can transfer to dramatic media including play- and screen-writing
Anyone interested in exploring and developing their imagination is more than welcome

English 400: Creative Writing and Publishing Workshop

Pre-reqs: English 101 and 102
(Because this course is being offered for the first time, I’ll wave the creative writing requirement for interested and dedicated students this semester. Like all other creative writing classes, this one does not fulfill the Gen-Ed English 200-level survey requirement but will fill elective-requirements.)

Description: Students will investigate the world of on-line and print-based creative writing publication, including literary journals, zines, and blogs, to see what’s currently being done in the creative community. Students will work collaboratively to edit and produce Trillium, Piedmont’s own creative writing journal, deciding what criteria make a submission suitable for publication, selecting work for publication from among those submitted, designing the layout, researching production costs, etc. No prior experience necessary!

Who would benefit?
Creative Writing Minors (this is a required course)
Education majors who are interested in putting together class publications
Mass Communication majors who focus on print publications of all sorts
Art and/or Graphic Design majors who would like hands-on experience designing the lay-out of a print publication
Anyone interested in being a part of the Piedmont creative community

(Side note: I really want to see Trillium represent the diverse art forms of students at both campuses and I expect the students to be instrumental in its transformation.)

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