Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Winner of the Butterfly Effect Challenge

"Part of the Demorest Butterfly Effect Celebration was a Creativity Challenge for Piedmont students...Eight students entered poems, short stories, songs, and artwork exemplifying the butterfly effect. While all of the entries showed great insight, one stood out among the rest. Congratulations to Sonya Leckman for her poem titled Butterfly!" -- From Piedmont's QEP (Quality Enhancement Program, a 5-year program focused specifically on inspiring critical thinking and student learning)

By: Sonya Leckman

Butterfly, Butterfly;
How sweetly you flap your wings
Do you know about the hurricane down south?
You flew that way the other day.
And now a baby cries as the wind stings his eyes.

Butterfly, Butterfly;
Where do you wander as day breaks?
Do you see that other butterfly
Cursed to crawl upon the ground
Because someone opened his cocoon
Before his wings were properly formed?

Butterfly, Butterfly;
Why don’t you warn them?
Those people who rush
Past the perfect moment
And find themselves headfirst in the future,
Much to their surprise.

Butterfly, Butterfly;
What blessing will you bring us?
An early spring, a happy Christmas?
I think I’ll help you
To spread joy around the world.
Each smile I share reaches out
To another soul that delights.

Butterfly, Butterfly;
Which way do you fly?
To greet the animals napping in the sun.
Goodbye sweet butterfly.

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